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The Play Concept is healing self-deprecation from people whom have no outlet to express and improve themselves. Social media and technology are eroding personal worth, esteem and connection. We are assembling a communal membership that celebrates diversity, participates in local community and elevates networking. Our events are curated to be intentional, accessible, and value driven, without extraneous features that divert away from the purpose.


The Cornerstones

Diversity, openness, willingness, and receptivity are the cornerstones of what make The Play Concept’s membership wonderful. Together, we update and equip each other on the truer workings of the world around us. To celebrate our similarities, and our differences, elevating the community based on mutual respect while creating positive and meaningful relationships abound.


Diversity makes our interactions thought-provoking and engaging. Although our stories and goals in life differ; our values, ethics, and ambitions for progress reconnect us to the greater.


The first act of vulnerability is to open up. In this space of sheer respect and trust, we take advantage of this opening to share, release, re-learn and refine our perfect selves.


When we have talents, blessings, connections and resources, we must utilize them toward the benefit of ourselves and others with dynamism and enthusiasm. Doing your part.


Gifts should come with no strings attached, the spirit of the gift is simple love and admiration. Receiving guidance, support, friendship, networking and love is part of this community.


“A social club that bends towards personal and communal development, not ego.”

Russell  |  Founder


The Story

Russell is a coach that uses positive psychology principles to define purpose and meaning in order to produce positive outcomes. He also has backgrounds in fitness and physical therapy, yoga and meditation that ground his approaches to coaching and training.

The Play Concept was conceived in San Francisco where he completed his education and training while thriving in his coaching business. He moved back to San Diego to start completely anew, making The Play Concept his passion project, and the next chapter of his life’s work.

“We are losing mechanisms that make life meaningful and wonderful. I always felt stuck and aggravated, alone and isolated, depressed and anxious all the time. I created the Play Concept to surround myself with the most wholesome, talented and loving people, knowing I can’t be the only person who feels and needs a safe and inspiring place to play. This is for someone who dislikes crowded spaces, long dinners, and expensive bar tabs. They want a cool yet casual place to hang out during the week. As a coach and a healer, I have a responsibility of using my strongest abilities to better people. To create wonderful experiences that I will be proud of, well into the end of my life. That’s important to me.”


Ready to play?

So are we.

Check out our offering of events at the club.



‘Shed’ events open up discussions about deep, personal development. We peer-review sections from books, articles, journals, any content that reflects progressive, conceptual thinking and ease of application in lifestyle.

‘Shed’ events are designed to address and ease stress/anxiety in everyday life. It’s all about identifying what’s going on here and now, and moving forward with new ideas, concepts, and habits that strengthen and elevate us to the next level.


‘Shine’ events show off what we are proud of, and are excellent networking opportunities to share, collaborate, and maybe partner with one another in the future. Level up your presentation skills with peer-review/critiques while sharing your products and ideas at large. Not everything can or should stay in our heads.

We also use ‘Shine’ events to celebrate accomplishments and milestones within the membership. Because it’s the best reason to celebrate.


‘Mix’ events play on the variety side. They include niche mixers, specially themed events, yoga and meditation, and surprises for members.

‘Mix’ events heavily reflect the culture and trend of the membership, and are inclusive of special programming/engagements, and privately booked events.


The Space



During the day, The Play Concept functions as a beautiful co-work space equipped with blazing fast Wi-Fi and a draft system with refreshments. An operable kitchen allows for preparation of light snacks and meals. Did we mention that Russell loves to cook?

Refreshments include: nitro cold brew, kombucha, kefir soda, iced teas, soda water, local beer, and wine. There is also Turkish-drip coffee and ceremonial tea. All is self-served, and included in your membership.



The Play Concept is styled to be an extension of a comfortable living space. An 80in television, with surround sound make tv and movie nights that much better.

We are thinking college and professional game nights, awards season, movie night and tv showings.


Comfort and creative

In the evening, the indoor/outdoor living space is suitable for the different talks, hangouts and gatherings within the program. We like summer bbq’s, bonfires, and simple opportunities to engage, bond, and play together.




Schedule a Tour

First step is to schedule your personal tour of the space to orient yourself to the club, and how we may be able to serve you. This is our favorite part.

Make your move

Once you’ve decided to join, we will enroll you into the club, create your member profile, outline our codes of conduct, and answer any questions or concerns that you have about membership.

Buy in

We finalize with your buy in.

The initiation fee is $500.00, with monthly dues of $275.00, annual or re-initiation fee of $300.00. And that’s it.


It doesn’t hurt to ask.

We are available to answer any questions, concerns/feedback.

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