the play concept

My name is Russell.

I connect spirituality to personal + professional development.

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Russell has a strong background in positive psychology, the cultivation of positive emotions and experiences from purposeful and meaningful accomplishments. He also has a strong background in fitness training and physical rehabilitation. His philosophies are mind-body at their core, with a practical style of coaching that demands results. He also loves to cook, observe and study art, live musical performances and travel. Offline, he loves his pre-rolls and watching nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough.


The Play Concept is Russell’s life’s work. The concept of play includes satisfaction, contentment, abundance, creativity, hopefulness, opportunity and fulfillment, in order to enter a flow state that enables more play. These values are taught through consistent, personal development and refinement, with full awareness of your community and the operating world around you. The Play Concept also hosts social events and niche activities sprinkled throughout San Diego.


In a technological and social media driven generation, the skills and nuances of interpersonal relationships are deteriorating. This causes people to feel loneliness, that rears its ugly head in the form of comparison, anxiety and depression. Unresolved personal issues, disregard of present being, and neglecting one’s potential is a breeding ground for regret. Re-learn who you are. Re-learn coping mechanisms to persevere. Re-learn how to collaborate fruitfully with others. This is all about personal mastery.



Morning group coaching events includes a resonating topic pertaining to productivity, career, and professional development. Followed by a Q&A discussion, and a guided meditation to help start your day with more awareness, focus, and ease. Optimal for commuting and work from home professionals seeking clarity, guidance and refinement.


Evening group coaching events include deep-dive topics such as personal healing and self-care, character and philosophy, emotional agility and intelligence, moving forward from trauma, sexual repression and empowerment, designing lifestyle, and attainability of abundance. The Q&A section is predominant, giving broad opportunities for individuals to participate and be coached.


It wouldn’t be The Play Concept, if PLAY wasn’t involved! Assembling a community of wonderful people calls for times to be silly, curious, brave, interesting and daring. Events include: hosted happy-hours, boutique fitness, live music, sports, indoor and outdoor field trips. There’s always something to do, it’s more fun to share those experiences with others.


Individual coaching programs are incredibly powerful when you are trying to achieve.

As an intuitive coach, Russell employs his entirety to create your dashboard of where you are today, and guides you through your process with tact, grace, and power.

Each program is bespoke to the client, with full confidentiality.

Sessions are often virtual/mobile, but in-depth sessions are conducted in person.

Time to book.

Take a look at when you can experience working with Russell. You won’t regret it.



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