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|meet Russell|


Mind+Body Coach

downtown, san diego

Each client program is bespoke.

Comprehensive and thorough,

the work is deep and results-driven.

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As an intuitive coach, Russell also employs positive psychology and design thinking to structure his coaching.  This process instills deep meaning and authentic, personal gratification toward designing and living a dynamic and wholesome lifestyle. His fitness training program emphasizes joint stability and longevity, posture, deep-tissue work, and mastering movement quality. On his downtime, he loves to cook, taste (gulp) interesting wines, dance parties, performance arts and live music, nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough, rooftop sunsets and walking his friend’s dogs.


The Play Concept encapsulates Russell’s ideologies in servicing, healing, and empowering his community. Play is the ultimate state of being, where resistance is minimized and expressing, sharing, and believing in greatness thrive. He believes that through coaching and working on the body, his clients can create a lifestyle inspired by playing more, first with shifting and retraining mindset, identifying the vivacities of mental and emotional health, and relieving + strengthening the inadequacies of the body.


Russell wants to create a vibrant, powerful community driven by lifestyle, creativity, spirituality and professionalism. This community will bond by playing up each other’s strengths with energy, support, and style. Where abundance in ideologies and resources flow dynamically. Denouncing outlooks that life will be lonely, difficult to make friends or networking connections, or ‘too late’, to live sensationally.


Group coaching

Each group coaching event is limited to 3x people, preferably a group that can be curated within friends, colleagues.

The topics for discussion are also curated based on the group. Subjects are open-ended, and can go as far and as deep as heart, mind and energy will allow.

As an intuitive coach, Russell also employs channelling and messages from tarot to further clarify for the individual. Messages are specific to the individual, but are transferrable to other attendees, providing an insightful experience.


Workshops are limited to 8x people, in which a topic is chosen for unpacking, dissecting, revitalizing and repurposing.

Activities include a deep study/briefing of the topic from Russell, followed by ‘hot-seat’ exercises, a forum for peer-review and consulting/support, finalized by a guided meditation.


It wouldn’t be The Play Concept, if PLAY wasn’t involved! 

Assembling a community of wonderful people calls for times to be silly, curious, daring, brave and free. 

Events considered but not limited to:  happy-hours, brunches and dinners, boutique fitness classes, live music performances, watching/playing sports, tv/movie showings and more. 

There’s always something to do, it’s more fun to share those experiences with others.




private program

Individual coaching programs are incredibly powerful when you are trying to achieve personal, spiritual, and professional success.

As an intuitive coach, Russell employs his entirety to create your dashboard of where you are today, and guides you through your transformation with tact, grace, and power.

Your monthly program is customized to accommodate for travel, prioritize scheduling, and life’s events. Coaching is mostly done remotely, with in-person session options available.

Each training session intuitevely addresses the needs of the body. Applying masterful disciplines for mobility, foundational power and strength conditioning, finalized by hands-on, deep tissue manipulation.

This experience is a comprehensive, mind + body work for optimal health, inside and out.




|Time to book|

Step 1: Confirm which event location/session time works best for you.

Step 2: Upon arrival of an event, or starting private session, Venmo @theplayconcept.

Step 3: That’s it!



This experience is meant to be highly personalized, with great depth and accuracy for how I can best serve you.

If you are interested in an event, but a date/time does not work for you, or you would like to form your own group event, let me know and I will accommodate.

All questions and feedback are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

If you prefer a call back, please provide a mobile number.