danielle w, san francisco


I've been a client of Russell's for almost 5 years.  He is really not a typical trainer at a gym, make you go through the motions.  Russell has plan for my body.  He's training me for the long term, for my life time.  He knows human anatomy.  He's perfectionist as well.  He can see no one else can see: he can see my left hip is tight or my left shoulder is tense from a short run.  

He adjusts his training plan based on my body condition at the moment.  Most trainers just follow their prepared training routine for all of their clients.  I've never had a session that is the same.  

He is a mentor, life coach, physical therapist, nutritionist, yoga instructor.  His deep tissue massage made me screamed so loud, then my body felt like a feather! 

It is truly a blessing to have Russell as a personal trainer!

michael c, san francisco


I'm not an athlete, and I don't play sportsball of any kind. I'd sat at a desk for almost 20 years. I would say my self-body image was not the best when I met Russell in 2012. Right off the bat, he could tell what I needed. He told me one of his goals for himself in training was to be able to fall down a flight of stairs and get up and walk away. He said he could help me get vanity muscles or he could help me learn to fall down a flight of stairs and get up and walk away. I trained with Russell for four years, and I walked away from more than a few (figurative) stair falls thanks to his guidance. I gained new self-confidence, incredible energy, and better sleep, not to mention promotions and raises and valuable insight on dealing with negativity. Russell is more than a trainer; he's a coach. If you're just dialing it in or looking to project, Russell is not the guy for you... he does not suffer fools gladly. But if you're into giving 110%, you can count on Russell giving 125%. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


jonas v, san francisco


I have trained with several personal trainers, I've done extensive physical training in the US Army, and participated in competitive martial arts most my adult life.  I have yet to come across a trainer as well rounded, educated, effective, and motivating than Russell.  He helped develop my strength and conditioning, my balance, core strength, dramatically increased my range of motion, and even alleviated pains in my back and shoulders.  Russell is hands down the best trainer I've ever worked with.   If you're serious about taking your exercise, health, and body to the next level - work with Russell, he's a genius!

fiona l, san francisco


I've worked with Russell for a few years and it has truly been life changing. I went into my training wanting to lose a few pounds and to get in better shape. What I got is a better understanding of my body and a set of skills I can now incorporate into all aspects of my physical life. The depth of his knowledge continues to amaze me. If you are reading this and lucky enough to have met him don't wait to work with him. Take advantage of this opportunity while he still available.


dina d, san francisco


I started as a New Year's resolution (years ago now). I made a deal with myself that if I consistently went to the gym a couple times a week that I would get a personal trainer. 

I was completely new to personal training & strength training (pros: no bad habits; cons: "so how do I do everything...?") and I was really fortunate to have met Russell at that moment. Having someone who is clear & direct, is very observant of your form & actions, and makes the session fun eased my concerns of "am I doing this right?" & feeling self-conscious.

We started with correcting my alignment & developing strength (which had the bonus of giving me excellent posture). With time, we added complex movement patterns, balance, etc. That progression happened because Russell was tracking my strength & flexibility and continuously developing sets of exercises that were completely unique to where my body was at the moment. 

Russell is great to train with: he put so much thought into your movements & progressions; he cares about you; he pushes you to do more. (Except burpees, because why would you want to do more burpees?!)

marie m, san francisco


I have worked with Russell for about 2.5 years now. He is an exceptional teacher whose dedication to his craft is constant and ever-evolving. His fierce intelligence and incredible empathy make him among the elite in his field. I strongly encourage anyone to experience what Russell is offering at The Play Concept, it truly can be life changing.

mary jo k, san francisco


I envy the Southern Californians that now have access to Russell Bui. He was my trainer and much more for four years in San Francisco. I owe most of my health, sanity and fitness to him. I can’t recommend him or his method enough. MJ in SF age 50